One of the most common ways that dentists will handle someone who is missing a row of several teeth is to place a bridge over the gap. A bridge replaces the crown of a missing tooth, forming a permanent "bridge" between two natural teeth. This will help restore the function of your jaw, making it easier to eat and speak. We can even match the color to your existing teeth so nobody will even notice.

Our team is trained in the latest technologies and procedures to make sure that you get the best custom bridge that we can make. Your restorative dentist in 34211 will use scans, x-rays, and impressions to make a mold of your jaw, so that a customized set of teeth can be made to fit perfectly.

Benefits from a dental bridge:

A bridge may be just what you need to restore your confidence in your smile. Call our office or send us an email if you have any questions about bridges or the other services we offer.