Inlays and Onlays



Inlays are a conservative means of protecting the chewing surface of a tooth from becoming infected, broken, or otherwise damaged. An inlay is paced inside of the grooves on the top of a molar, evening the surface and removing any decay that was present. Your dentist will remove a small section of material in the crevasse of the molar, so the inlay can bond properly and last for years.


Onlays are slightly different from inlays in that they are placed like a cap over the entire surface of the molar, protecting the tooth from needing a root canal or becoming seriously compromised. Onlays are typically reserved for more serious cases of decay, because the onlay covers a larger area of the tooth. Onlays are a conservative treatment option that prevents the need for whole tooth replacements with implants or crowns.

Why we use inlays and onlays:

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